Welcome to Acme Corp.
est. 1949

Who are we?

Acme Corp. was founded in 1949 and is derived from the greek word ακμή (akmē), which means to be in 'peak' or 'prime' condition. We strive our hardest to not live up to this standard and make our products the lowest quality as humanly possible. Our products range from full size 'self-strap' rockets, bulk dynamite, to wired exlposives - all of which are guaranteed to blow up prematurely in your face. We also offer full size anvils, and a wide range of other harmful/heavy products to fit any conspiring plan within your budget! Come see why our customers have rated us -5 Stars and have come back to us time and time again for all their backfiring and non-failsafe needs. We look forward to blowing you up working with you!

Our Products

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1000 lb. anvil

ACME Anvil

Our 1000 lb. Anvil is guaranteed to break bones leading up to and including death.

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Our best tnt


Need to blow something and/or someone up? Well this isn't the product for you! Fails 100% of the time or blows up in your face. Gauranteed!

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ACME Detonator

What good are exlposives without something to trigger said explosives? Guaranteed to not work or explode prematurely.

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our ugly green batsuit

ACME Batsuit

This butt ugly, bright green batsuit is the perfect suit for any occasion, not just for catching... -- whatever it is you are after -- flight time is aproximately 5 seconds before failure and falling to your death.

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eartquake pills

ACME Earthquake Pills

These pills are perfect for getting jiggy with it and shaking up your body so much you'll pretty much disembowel yourself.

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This super-strength glue is perfect for all your gluing needs.<br>*Disclaimer*<br>(Once glued, attached item/person WILL NOT come off without causing permanent damage.)

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ACME Grease

This patented grease will slick up ANY surface. No amount of water will wash this baby off... <br>10e<sup>2</sup>x slicker than ice!

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jet powered pogostick

ACME Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick

Ever wanted to visit space? Then this is the product for you!<br>**Currently out of stock as all products have launched themselves into space.

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explosive powder

ACME Explosive Powder

Don't want to pay the price for TNT? Then make your own with our explosive powder! Use it to blow up mountains, trees, or holes in the ground as that will save you money on a burial plot for when it kills you!

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instant rock

ACME Artificial Rock

Why 'not spend' money on free rocks that area available all around you when you can give us your money for the fake thing? And best yet, it's not even as sturdy as a rock! Guaranteed to break at the slightest impact!

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explosive tennis balls

ACME Tennis Balls

Ready to up your tennis game and add a little flare? Or explosion? Then get our explosive tennis balls! <br> Last one alive wins!

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human rocket

ACME Rocket

Our human size rocket is 10ft long and comes fully equipped with straps so you can mount yourself (or your cat) and launch them into kingdom come. <br>**Disclaimer**<br> ACME cannot guarantee you will actually make it to 'kingdom come' as most rockets explode within the first 10 seconds.